Calderón de la Barca Theatre


Dating back to 1880 this theatre is an Italian-style theatre built in neoclassical style. It has been fully renovated and retains its original appearance. Of particular interest are the ceiling frescos, which depict the muses of the arts. A number [...]

Exhibition and Conference Centre


It is a building with a modern, functional design, located right in the centre of Granada, equipped with the most advanced technology services: videoconferencing via satellite, a digital phone switchboard with a whole range of communication protocols, more than three [...]

Teatro CajaGRANADA Isidoro Máiquez


This space has been developed as a big black box, according to the last architectural trends, which proliferate in Europe. Even that, the Theatre CajaGRANADA Isidoro Máiquez has always kept the essence of the classical theatre, using the red fabric [...]

Teatro Calderón


It dates from 1880 and has an Italian style. Nowadays is completely restored, keeping its initial aspect. It is essential to contemplate the paintings of the ceiling, where musas of the arts appear represented.

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