End of the World Viewpoint


Located in Beas de Guadix, this outcrop is the perfect place to enjoy excellent views of the deserts and badlands of the north of the province of Granada. With the peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background, from here [...]


Güéjar Sierra

Los Coloraos Desert


This beautiful spot located in Gorafe owes its name to the predominant reddish color of the geological formations of its clay soil. However, as the day advances, the desert offers an impressive amalgamation of shapes and a changing palette of [...]

Granada Geopark

The northern region of the province of Granada is home to one of the Iberian Peninsula’s most unique landscapes: a semi-desert featuring a succession of tens of thousands of gullies and badlands surrounded by mountains and the peaks of the [...]

Sierra de La Sagra

Puebla de don Fadrique

This is the highest peak in Andalusia after the Sierra Nevada. Its peaks remain covered in snow during autumn, winter and early spring. It is nestled to the back of the Sierra de Cazorla and the Sierra de la Segura, [...]

Laguna de Padul


The Laguna de Padul is a wetland area of great ecological value. It is one of the best areas in the whole of Andalusia for bird watching, where some 158 different species have been identified. Among its reeds and cattails [...]

The Cypress tree of San Juan de la Cruz. Carmen de los Mártires


St John of the Cross’ cedar tree Unfortunately, lightning destroyed part of the tree two decades ago. However, this tree is more than 400 years old and is still standing. There is much interest in the sap of the St [...]


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