Güéjar Sierra

Falla de Nigüelas Natural Monument


This geological phenomenon rises above the village of Nigüelas. It is a vast stretch of land made of light marble. It came about due to the cracks in the earth’s crust, which shifted the large boulders that now form the [...]

Infiernos de Loja Natural Monument


The Río Genil river passes by the town of Loja and then turns into a series of beautiful waterfalls cascading down rocky walls. This place is rich in flora and fauna as well as in elements of outstanding geological interest, [...]

Cárcavas de Marchal Natural Monument


These beautiful solid clay formations were produced by the erosive action of water. Over the centuries, settlers dug caves out of these rocks to use as their homes.

Tajos de Alhama Natural Monument

Alhama de Granada

Formed because of the erosion caused by the Río Alhama, Los Tajos de Alhama reaches a depth of over 50 meters. Los Tajos de Alhama consists of a set of sandstone canyons and gorges formed by the erosive activity of [...]

Peñones de San Cristóbal Natural Monument


These three rocks have been officially declared as Natural Monument of Andalusia and are part of the town of Almuñécar. These hard dark rocks jut into the sea and look as though they are separating the waters. Peñón de Fuera [...]

Cueva de Las Ventanas Natural Monument


This is the only cave in the province of Granada that is open to the public and the main attraction in Píñar. It has access for the disabled.

Peña de Catril


Peña de Castril, rising over stunning on the town, has been officially declared a Natural Monument in Andalucia. Part of its importance is that the village was first founded about 2,000 years ago at the foot of this rock. The [...]


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