Health resorts

Alhama de Granada Health Resort

Alhama de Granada

The Alhama de Granada spa is situated at approximately 850 metres above sea level and is surrounded by a beautifully lush wooded area, ideal for rest and relaxation. The area has a mild climate, has many hours of sunshine per [...]

Alicún de las Torres Health Resort

Villanueva de las Torres

There are several springs that arise to a permanent temperature of 35 degrees in this spa, which has always had great fame by its therapeutic effects against the rheumatic and skin diseases. The mining-medicinal properties of thermal waters are united [...]

Graena Health Resort

Cortes y Graena

The Spa of Graena is situated to the north of the province of Granada and is completely surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscape. At 950 metres above sea level, it is set in Baños de Graena, in the district of Cortes [...]

Lanjarón Health Resort


The spa town of Lanjarón is situated on the south-eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, whose peaks provide water to the various springs. At 700 metres above sea level, the special geographical characteristics of the town, which provides [...]

Zújar Health Resort


For many centuries the town of Zújar has been famous for its medicinal waters and its ancient baths. Years after the original baths were swallowed up by the Embaslse de Negratín resevoir, the new Baños de Zújar were built. This [...]


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