Diving Zone

01 – Diving Zone: Playa Cantarriján

La Herradura

This dive, also called “La Esquinita”, is highly appreciated by divers with autonomous equipment and by free divers. The dive usually begins in the westernmost area of ​​Cantarriján beach, sailing to the west. We are in the provincial limit between [...]

02 – Diving Zone: Los Candelabros

La Herradura

From Cantarriján beach in the direction to Cerro Gordo and after passing several rocky promontories, we can see a wall that forms a straight angle with the beach line, located at the shelter of the east winds and topped by [...]

03 – Diving Zone: Los Ceriantus

La Herradura

The immersion can be done protecting yourself from the winds coming from the west and without many currents. At the beginning we will find a bottom of sand and rocks having on our left the rocky cliff. The rocks will be [...]

04 – Diving Zone: La Cueva de las Palomas

La Herradura

In this case you can make a dive looking for the protection of the west winds. The name of this dive can lead to confusion since it is not diving in any cave, although the anchor point is located in [...]

05 – Diving Zone: La Pared Amarilla

La Herradura

It is an immersion in which the mixed bottom predominates between large blocks of rock from landslides and a substrate of smaller rocks along with sands that extend out to sea. This dive can overlap with the so-called “La Cueva [...]

06 – Diving Zone: Calaiza

La Herradura

It is a very simple immersion and with the possibility of apnea. The dive can be started outside the Place, right on the beach of Calaiza, and travel south-southwest, swimming until you reach almost the southernmost point of the place. Caution [...]

07 – Diving Zone: El Salto

It is a fairly simple dive with the possibility of apnea. Starting our tour near La Herradura beach we will find a border between sand and stones with abundant algae covering the bottom. As we take depth southward, larger rocks [...]

08 – Diving Zone: La Calita

La Herradura

Once we descend to the rocky bottom. We can go directly south, flying over the rock blocks scattered across the bottom until we reach the end, leaving the great wall that rises to our left. Once we descend to the rocky [...]

09 – Diving Zone: Piedras Altas

La Herradura

Diving ship support is necessary and the dive begins with it adrift. The direct descent will be made until reaching a level close to 30 m. Here are located the large stones that rise from the bottom several meters and [...]

10 – Diving Zone: La Cueva de Jarro

La Herradura

This highly exposed immersion resembles immersion 9 “Piedras Altas” due to weather conditions, depth and the ecosystems that can be observed on it. It is recommended only for experienced divers and with the corresponding qualification. The dive is centered in [...]

11 – Diving Zone: La Punta de la Mona

La Herradura

In a first descent we reach about 6 m where the seabed is formed of gravel and abundant algae. As we continue moving forward and we approach the wall of large stones caused by landslides from the mountains near the [...]

12 – Diving Zone: La Piedra de la Higuera

La Herradura

In this dive we find a relatively open bay that connects to the north with the beach of Marina del Este. It is a very interesting dive because of its depth, the existence of a rock formation that stands out [...]

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