Puerto de la Ragua – El Hornillo


Lanjarón PR-A-345


The rescue of an American aeroplane walk

On 8th March 1960 an aeroplane with US Marines on board crashed into the side of Picón de Jérez. The weather was very bad, but with much courage and intimate knowledge of the mountains the people of Jérez, Lanteira and other villages managed to rescue many of the wounded. This walk is dedicated to the memory of those people.

Cerro del Buitre

This walk offers panoramic views of the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Castril as well as the Sierra del Pozo, Sierra de la Sagra and the Sierra de la Seca, the Castril river valley, the Portillo reservoir with the town of Castril in the background. The tour takes you through forests of black pine, broom and high mountain meadows where the griffon vulture can often be seen.

Canal de la Espartera – Arenales del Trevenque

Why not walk on the peaks of Arenales del Trevenque, one of the most emblematic mid-mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada? The dryness of the terrain is misleading. Behind the apparent absence of wildlife there hides a microcosm of plants that are well adapted to extreme temperature changes and to the lack of a fertile, moist soil.

The Gollizno route

The Gollizno route is a circular route, taking you on a tour of the history of the Moclín. You will pass its amazing cave paintings and castle ruins and enter into the centre of Olivares crossing bridges over the Tajos de la Hoz, the steep gorge created by the Río Velillos.

Silleta del Padul and Piedra Ventana

The route starts at an altitude of 945 meters in Ermita Nueva and reaches 1500 metres in Silleta del Padul, crossing different landscapes. It runs through several forest tracks and trails where you can enjoy the stunning rock formation of Piedra Ventana, the Vega de Granada, the peaks del Corazón de la Sandía and el Trevenque, as well as the Alayos de Dílar and el Valle de Lecrín.

Cerro Huenes

This interesting route follows an ancient path opened in the mid-twentieth century for the re-forestation of Cerro Huenes. It runs mostly inside the National Park and is surrounded by some of the most spectacular mid-mountain ranges.


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