Sun and beach

Diving in ihe Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical and areas such as Castell de Ferro, Calahonda, Marina del Este and La Herradura have been a divers’ paradise for decades, both for the wealth of their sea beds and the beauty of their natural landscapes.

The numerous beaches along the Granada coast, particularly those of the Almuñécar area, are often separated by huge rocks or by gentle or steep hills, which means the cliffs and rocky areas often stretch right into the sea and make the area perfect for diving. Some of the best spots for this sport are Punta de la Mona, Tres Picos, the Cerro Gordo Cave, the Cantarriján Grottoes, Piedras Altas and the Natural Site of the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo at La Herradura, which is a divers’ heaven. Rare posidonia fields grow on the sea bed of this 395-hectare coastal area created by erosion.

01 – Diving Zone: Playa Cantarriján

La Herradura

This dive, also called “La Esquinita”, is highly appreciated by divers with autonomous equipment and by free divers. The dive usually begins in the westernmost area of ​​Cantarriján beach, sailing to the west. We are in the provincial limit between [...]

02 – Diving Zone: Los Candelabros

La Herradura

From Cantarriján beach in the direction to Cerro Gordo and after passing several rocky promontories, we can see a wall that forms a straight angle with the beach line, located at the shelter of the east winds and topped by [...]

03 – Diving Zone: Los Ceriantus

La Herradura

The immersion can be done protecting yourself from the winds coming from the west and without many currents. At the beginning we will find a bottom of sand and rocks having on our left the rocky cliff. The rocks will be [...]

04 – Diving Zone: La Cueva de las Palomas

La Herradura

In this case you can make a dive looking for the protection of the west winds. The name of this dive can lead to confusion since it is not diving in any cave, although the anchor point is located in [...]


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