Sun and beach

Beaches on the Costa Tropical


El Cambrón Beach


This is a small beach next to the populated area of Torre del Cambrón. Access is difficult and therefore occupancy is low. It does not offer any facilities. It is about 85 metres in length, and the sand is coarse [...]

El Cuervo Beach


This narrow strip of sand is about 15 metres wide and runs parallel to the N-340 for about 1 kilometre. It is in an isolated spot and therefore receives few visitors. It does not offer any services or facilities. The [...]

El Gaiterillo Beach


This is a small and narrow beach about 300 metres long. It is situated in a secluded area near the N-340 and there are never very many visitors. The beach is made up of a mix of coarse sand and [...]

El Lance Beach


This narrow strip of dark, coarse sand runs parallel to the N-340. It offers some facilities and there are also some hotel services available. It is approximately 500 metres long and is never too busy.

El Muerto Beach


This is a nudist beach that also has a non-nudist section. It can be accesses from the Playa de Cotobro. It is about 225 metres long and the sand is gravelly and coarse.

El Pozuelo Beach


The small town of El Pozuelo, belonging to the municipality of Albuñol in Granada, has a beach about one kilometer long and about 25 meters wide. As always on the Costa Tropical, the water is usually very clean and the [...]

El Ruso Beach


This secluded nudist beach can be reached on foot from the N-340. It is about 300 metres long and usually quite empty. The sand here is medium-grained.

El Tesorillo Beach


This is a small, lively beach, particularly popular amongst young people. It is located in a residential area and flanked to one side by an impressive Moorish watchtower. It is 80 metres long and 55 metres wide. It has a [...]

Granada Beach


This is the nearest beach to the city of Granada and has been awarded the Blue Flag certification status. It is very popular with bathers as it is located in an ever-popular tourism area, which is quickly expanding and already [...]

La Charca-Salomar Beach


Wide and large beach with family atmosphere and good services. There is a promenade and houses and a tourist resort.

La Chucha Beach


This quiet beach is surrounded by small developments. It is almost 1 kilometre long and 40 metres wide. The beach is a mixture of sand and gravel and has access for the disabled.

La Guardia Beach


This is quite a long beach, surrounded by fields and crops, and is about 11 kilometres long and 25 metres wide. It has some catering options and offers a few other services. Peñón de Salobreña separates this beach from the [...]

La Herradura Beach


This family-friendly beach is located in a beautiful bay with a seaside promenade. It has a number of good facilities and services, including access for the disabled. The beach is 2 kilometres long and 40 metres wide. There are usually [...]

La Joya Beach


This is a small nudist beach, only about 300 metres long, in a secluded sandy cove. Due to it being difficult to access, it is never full. There are no services available here.

La Mamola Beach

La Mamola

This beautifully clean beach is ideal for fishing. Even though it is in a built-up area, the beach is relatively quiet. It has a range of facilities including changing rooms, showers, beach kiosks, craft shops and restaurants. It also has [...]