Beaches on the Costa Tropical

Nude beaches

Cantarrijan Beach


A large rock divides this long beach into two parts, one of which is nudist. The beach is usually quite crowded despite access being fairly difficult. The non-nudist part has a bar and other services. In total it is 700 [...]

El Muerto Beach


This is a nudist beach that also has a non-nudist section. It can be accesses from the Playa de Cotobro. It is about 225 metres long and the sand is gravelly and coarse.

El Ruso Beach


This secluded nudist beach can be reached on foot from the N-340. It is about 300 metres long and usually quite empty. The sand here is medium-grained.

La Joya Beach


This is a small nudist beach, only about 300 metres long, in a secluded sandy cove. Due to it being difficult to access, it is never full. There are no services available here.

Nudist beach of Negratín

Cuevas del Campo

This is Andalucia’s third largest reservoir as regards capacity. It is surrounded by a sub-desert and almost lunar landscape which gives the place a strange beauty, and its romantic sunsets are particularly attractive. A beach has been made on one [...]


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