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Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

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The resort offers 105 km of pistes distributed over 116 routes of varying difficulty. Here you can ski and snowboard to your heart’s content.

One of the main attractions of the Sierra Nevada is that you can take part in night skiing on an illuminated and specially designed piste. The resort offers quick and easy access to the slopes from the residential and commercial centre of ​​Pradollano with its 17 state-of-the-art lifts. The resort has about 350 snow guns to produce snow, guaranteeing perfect skiing conditions.

A half pipe has been installed for snowboarders and freestylers in Loma de Dílar. And for non-skiers, the Parque Mirlo Blanco offers many snow-based activities such as an ice rink, archery, a magic carpet, sledging slopes up to 130metres long, chair-skiing, Russian sleighs, and a roller coaster.

There are 15 ski schools with over 100 teachers based in the Sierra Nevada for those who want to learn to ski and board or improve their technique.

There are more than 4000 accommodation options in the resort itself. During the day you can enjoy a huge variety of sporting and snow activities and at night you can enjoy the fantastic nightlife and soak up the atmosphere including night skiing, eating tapas, going for drinks, enjoying concerts, restaurants and clubs.


It comes as a surprise to many visitors that in Granada, an area famous for its beaches and sunshine, you can actually ski. In fact, the Sierra Nevada is one of the best ski resorts in Spain.

The Mulhacen, the highest mountain in Spain with an altitude of 3478 meters, guarantees lots of great snow even though the ski resort the most southern resort in the whole of Europe. The mountains that the Muslims loved so much are the backdrop of some of the most beautiful prints of Granada. This mountain range, called ‘Sierra del Sol’ (Mountain of the Sun) in medieval times, has many snowy peaks, beautiful rivers and forests where nature is at its best.

The Sierra Nevada is full of charming villages and is near the historical city of Granada. It is a national park that is home to the largest number of endemic plants in Europe. Its modern ski resort, with so much sun and snow, has become the best place for practicing winter sports in Spain.

The Sierra Nevada is easily accessible on the A-395, a road that connects Granada and the ski resort of Pradollano, just 32 kilometres away. It is a wide road with gentle slopes. The A-92, the main road across Andalusia, can be reached easily. From the Mediterranean coast and from Jaen, the A-44 takes you to Granada leading on to the Sierra Nevada.


The people of the region live in this fantastic natural environment and preserve its local flavours and traditions. They are situated halfway between the city of Granada and the peaks of Sierra Nevada. There are many rivers and canals that run through the towns, which are ideal places to enjoy peace and quiet in a friendly family atmosphere. The green landscape of the Vega de Granada is beautifully scenic with the Sierra Nevada in the background, whose history has always been linked to the city of Granada.

Many of these villages were built on former Muslim farmsteads that relied heavily on the capital. The people worked in agriculture or the silk trade. The Muslim legacy is reflected in the network of canals and water channels that collect the melted snow from the Sierra Nevada taking it down to the plain. 


There are more than 60 species of birds and 80 endemic insects in the Sierra Nevada. Ibex, weasels and voles live in this mountainous habitat. Birds such as vultures, alpine accentors and the black redstart can be spotted here and golden eagles hunt around the many boulders and ravines. Foxes, weasels, badgers and other nocturnal animals live at mid-mountain level.

This area is home to the largest number of endemic plants in Europe and the Mediterranean. It is one of the world’s most biologically diverse enclaves. Here, an area that makes up 0.4% of Spain, almost 30% of the country’s flora grows; that’s 7% of the Mediterranean flora in an area, which is less than 0.01% of its total. In certain areas such as gorges and ravines, the percentage of endemic species rises to up to 80%.

At higher altitudes you will mainly find Mediterranean forests. The Sierra Nevada is home to more than 2100 of the 8000 catalogued species of plants and trees in the whole of Spain; there are 175 Spanish endemic species and 65 species native to the Sierra Nevada, most of them at the highest mountain levels such as the species of poppies, violets and camomile.

The origins of this rich vegetation date back to the Quaternary Glaciations, when European vegetation shifted to lower latitudes, reaching Sierra Nevada from northern Europe. Later, due to the isolation of the area, a number of new species came about. 

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