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Religious tourism


Granada offers many religious tourism options. You can go on a pilgrimage to Huéscar and earn a Jubilee Indulgence, experience the intensity of Semana Santa Viviente en Cuevas del Campo (Holy Week celebration), visit the site of the first Diocese in Spain in Guadix, and participate in the numerous pilgrimages that take place all over the province. You can do all this as well as see some of the most important historical sites in Spain.

The crypt of Beato Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire and the legacy of San Pedro Poveda in the Barrio de las Cuevas in Guadix, are pilgrimage destinations that attract thousands of worshippers from all around every year.

The city of Granada is in itself a symbol of the coexistence of three cultures and religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Museo Catedralicio Donum Fidei


This museum has two rooms dedicated to painting, three explaining the origins of the Diocese of Guadix, and two others showing a selection of artefacts from the Catholic liturgy.

Fiesta de San Cecilio


In February the inhabitants of Granada take part in a pilgrimage to Sacromonte to celebrate the feast of their patron saint San Cecilio, a partly real and partly fictitious figure. Having been cured of blindness by Jesus Christ himself, he [...]

Romería de la Virgen de las Nieves


Every year since 1912, the pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Nieves in Trevélez takes places. The locals climb to the top of the Mulhacen, where a Mass is held at midday on 5th August. Since the creation of the [...]

Romería de la Virgen de las Nieves


The main event of this celebration is a night pilgrimage in the Sierra Nevada from Pradollano to Tajos de la Virgen, via Borreguiles. It is the highest pilgrimage in the world and is accompanied by a small image of the [...]

Romería de las Santas Alodía y Nunilón

Puebla de don Fadrique

The towns of Huéscar and Puebla de Don Fadrique share the patrons St Alodía and St Nunilón. Their feast day culminates in a celebration taking place on the Monday following Pentecost, usually in May. There is a pilgrimage to the [...]

Romeria del Cristo del Paño


Festival of National tourist Interest of Andalusia Moclín is where one of the most typical religious celebrations in Andalusia takes place with its procession of Cristo del Paño (Christ of the Cloth). Unlike most celebrations, the image of Christ is [...]

Colegiata de Santa María La Mayor


This church dates back to the early 16th century. It was designed and built by Diego de Siloam. Of particular interest is the door of the sacristy and the Renaissance main entrance. Inside the church there is a fantastic Gothic [...]

Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire


The crypt is dedicated to the Capuchin monk, Fray Leopoldo de Lapandeire, who was beatified in 2010. It is located just below the church on the elegant Plaza del Triunfo. It has become a pilgrimage destination attracting visitors from all [...]


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