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Learning and studying Spanish in Granada is simple, rewarding and fun. There are numerous learning centres and academies that offer a high standard of teaching throughout the province. Its large university, its cultural tradition and its complete range of leisure activities ensure that students can actively engage in local life, whilst learning the language.

Why study in Granada?

– Its exceptional location: You can ski from November to April in the Sierra Nevada, and in less than an hour you can get to the Costa Tropical. The lovely weather in the province allows you to enjoy outdoor life all year round.

– Its student and cultural environment: Granada is a university city and has 290 000 inhabitants, 60,000 of which are university students. The town itself offers a rich and varied cultural programme. It hosts important international festivals such as a jazz festival, a tango festival and even the International Festival of Music and Dance.

–  Its history and buildings: There are numerous traces of its rich past, both Arab and Christian. It has been the source of inspiration for many poets, musicians and travellers from around the world. The Albaicín was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is universally known for its beauty, history and architecture.

–  Its nightlife: Here you can go out well into the early hours of the morning, with the many festivals and celebrations that go on. The open character of Granada’s inhabitants ensure that you will get to know many students, families and colleagues.


Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Granada

–  The schools that are part of the Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Granada all have a quality certificate. All of them belong to the Association of Spanish Schools in Andalusia (AEEA) and the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools (FEDELE).

– They have a certification of quality guaranteeing all aspects of the school, both academic and pastoral.

–  All schools are accredited by the Cervantes Institutes. They are inspected thoroughly at regular intervals to make sure that all schools:

 > Comply with all existing legislation at national and regional level.

 > They have the facilities, equipment and materials needed for learning.

 > They have a team of native teachers and qualified teachers.

 > They offer quality teaching in small groups, with coherent courses and levels, according to a teaching plan, in line with all advertising material.

 > They offer a wide range of activities and excursions, as well as assistance and information necessary for planning leisure time.

 > They offer quality accommodation in line with their advertising material.

–  They also act as exam centres for various qualifications such as Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language by the Instituto Cervantes, and facilitate the preparation for and enrolment in these exams.

–  All offer an extensive programme of courses and activities and guarantee the accuracy of the services they offer.


The Centro de Lenguas Modernas (Centre for Modern Languages) ​​at the University of Granada is an important benchmark in Spain regarding the teaching of Spanish and foreign languages. It draws on the quality and expertise of the university faculty.

Teaching takes an interactive and communicative approach in the classroom, with an emphasis on real-life situations.

The facilities of the centre, located in the historic neighbourhood of Realejo in the beautiful 16th century Palacio de Santa Cruz and the Palacete de la Huerta de los Angeles, are up to date, and have modern equipment and technology both in their classrooms and elsewhere.

The unique multilingual and multicultural environment of the centre with its many Spanish and international students is inspiring and supports the learning of other languages.

Centro de Lenguas Modernas
Placeta del Hospicio Viejo, s/n
18009 Granada
Tel: +34 958 215 660
Fax: +34 958 220 844

Atlas School

Urb. parque de las Infantas. Escultor Navas parejo local 3 18006
Tel: 958 81 98 26

Bla Bla & Company

Jardín de Sócrates,4 local 2 18002
Tel: 958 536116

Carmen de las Cuevas

Cuesta de los Chinos, 15 18010
Tel: 958221062


Plaza de San Nicolás, 3 Albayzín 18010
Tel: 958 205863