Granada’s art and culture



Rodriguez-Acosta Foundation – Gómez Moreno Museum


This museum was founded in 1941 with the legacy of the painter José María Rodríguez-Acosta in order to promote culture and art. The museum building is a typical house from Granada, built by the founder next to the Alhambra between 1916 and 1930.

San Juan de Dios Museum


This house was built after the Reconquista of Granada and belonged to the Pisa family. The house became historically important when the Pisa family took in St. John of God when he was very ill. He died in 1550 in [...]

The Alhambra Museum


The Museo de La Alhambra offers visitors a unique opportunity to see some of the Alhambra’s artistic and architectural objects and to understand the culture which created them.

The Ethnological Museum of the Gypsy Woman


The Museo Etnológico de la Mujer Gitana ‘Romí’ is dedicated to the gypsy woman, addresses the need of gypsies and non-gypsies to understand the culture that has been developed by the gypsy community over many centuries. It is located in [...]

The Megalithic Constructions Interpretive Centre


Gorafe has 240 Neolithic dolmens in 10 different cemeteries. This makes it the largest concentration of prehistoric mounds in the whole Spain. The municipality has created a Megalithic Park with several trails and a megalithic education centre called Centro de [...]

The Museum CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía


The Museo CajaGranada is divided into four rooms that show the cultural, natural and social heritage of Andalucía throughout history. It spans from prehistoric times to the present day. The exhibits are in English and Spanish. CajaGranada’s art collection contains [...]


Alcudia de Guadix

This is an interactive museum located in a cave where visitors can learn how to make bread, wine, cheese and practise local crafts, which they can take home and enjoy.

Valle del Río Fardes Paleontological Station


The Estación Paleontológica Valle del Río Fardes is home to thousands of large mammal fossils that are two million years old. Since its research began in 2001, more than 3,000 fossilized bones representing 38 species of animals, including 24 large mammals, have [...]

Yegen Museum of Photography


This is a small exhibition of photographs of the town and its people taken between the 1959 and 1989 by the Danish man who lived here called Van Hannsen.