Granada’s art and culture



Puente del Hacho


This bridge was built between 1889 and 1895 to a design created in the workshop of the French architect Gustave Eiffel. For many decades it was the longest and highest bridge in the Spanish railway network. Its impressive length of [...]

Puerta de la Justicia


This gateway is located on the southern wall of the fortress next to the Pilar de Carlos V, and is currently the main entrance to the Alhambra. It has a huge horseshoe arch with a hand etched into a corner, [...]

Puerta de las Granadas


The gate was built in the 16th century to commemorate the visit of the Emperor, and it is therefore known as the Puerta de Carlos V. It is at the foot of the forest of the Alhambra, on the Cuesta [...]

Puerta de San Torcuato


This gate used to be the main entrance to the medieval city and until recently it was an area used for a local craft market. It dates back to the 16th century and was rebuilt during the reign of the [...]

Puerta del Vino


This is one of the oldest gateways in the Alhambra. It used to lead into the citadel, giving access to the inner section of the fortified upper Alhambra. Since 1556, the inhabitants of the Alhambra left the wine that they [...]

Real Chancillería


It was the idea of the Catholic Kings to build the Royal Chancery, when they decided to transfer the Law Court from Ciudad Real to Granada in 1505. However, the present-day building must have been built around 1530, during the [...]

Remains of a Roman garum factory


In Almuñécar, in the El Majuelo Botanical Park you will find the remains of an ancient Roman garum factory, an important industry for the town between the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Garum was a fermented fish sauce used as [...]

Roman Acueduct


Built in the first century A.D. this, together with the salt factory, is the largest and best-preserved Roman structure in Almuñécar. The aqueduct supplied water to the Roman city of Sexi, modern-day Almuñécar. It was subsequently used in the water [...]

Roman Baptistery

Las Gabias

The baptistery was declared a national monument in 1931 and is the only one of its type to exist in Spain. This underground chamber dates back to the 3rd century AD.  It has a long vaulted corridor that was a [...]

Roman bridge


This bridge runs over the Río Guadahortuna, a tributary of the Río Guadiana Menor. It was part of a Roman road that linked Montejícar with Jaén. Here you can also see the remains of a defensive tower and part of [...]

Roman bridge


Still in use, this Roman bridge from the 1st century BC was officially made a historic monument. It was part of the road network used during imperial Roman times. It is located at the entrance of Iznalloz and extends over [...]

Roman bridge over the Río Alhama river

Alhama de Granada

This bridge was built during Octavian Augustus’ rule, in the 1st century BC. It is located at the entrance of the village and leads over the Río Alhama. It has a single arch and two ascending ramps that make the [...]

Roman Columbarium of Torre del Monje


This columbarium was constructed at the end of the 1st century BC. It is situated on a hill on the eastern slope of the Río Verde. Inside there are three rows of niches, made from natural stone and barely carved [...]

Roman road and Roman bridge


Near the village you will come across the Molino de las Niñas, the Era del Chopo and the perfectly preserved Roman bridge and road.

Roman Tower

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

This tower is of Roman origin and often referred to as the Castell de Ferro. It is quadrangular in shape and is located in the centre of the valley. It was used to defend the Moorish kingdom. It has had [...]