Flamenco artists

Tatiana Garrido Guardia ‘La Españoleta’

Tatiana Garrido Guardia, La Españoleta, was born in Malaga, but at the age of twelve moved to Granada to start her artistic career.

She is the daughter of the flamenco teacher and dancer Mariquilla, and has travelled with her mother performing all over the world and achieving international recognition.

At an early age Tatiana was viewed as a dancer with great potential. She has a particular charm when she dances, and her long arms and remarkable figure lend her dancing something special.

She particularly enjoys performing alegrías, tangos, the solea and especially the bulerías.

Tatiana is able to change styles easily because as she herself says: “…every type of flamenco dance has its own magic”. Her unique talent, her liveliness and her natural gift, have been nurtured by the training she received from her gifted mother, who successfully passed on her artistic spirit to her daughter.



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