Flamenco artists

Enrique Morente

Enrique was born in Granada in 1942. He was one of the greatest revolutionaries of flamenco that lived at the end 20th and beginning of the 21st century. At a young age he went to Madrid where he met singers such as Pepe el de la Matrona and Bernardo el de los Lobitos. He recorded his first records in 1967. He was the greatest defender of Antonio Chacón of our times, and even recorded an album inspired by Chacón’s style called Homenaje a Don Antonio Chacón in 1977. Enrique Morente was also the first to adapt the words of Spanish poets to flamenco music, and in 1971 recording Homenaje Flamenco a Miguel Hernández. Later he took the verses of García Lorca, Al Mutamid and Machado, amongst others, to create his songs. He worked with Hindu musicians for some time, but his most revolutionary work is Omega, created with the rock group from Granada Lagartija Nick. He composed a flamenco mass and gives classical flamenco lessons.


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