Granada’s art and culture

Cultural itineraries

Ibn al-Jatib Route

This route follows the itinerary from Murcia to Granada made by the last historian of Moorish Spain, Ibn al-Jatib, who was born in Loja in 1313 and died in Fez in 1370. It crosses beautiful landscapes in the Sierra de [...]

Münzer Route

This ancient route, also known as the Camino Real, united Granada with Almería through the inland villages, skirting the mountain massif. It used to be a well-travelled communicating road in the times of al-Andalus. It is named after the explorer [...]

Nasrids route

This Route is dedicated precisely to the protagonists of that important chapter, to the Nasrid Dynasty, which created and headed the last state of al-Andalus, and whose trajectory encompassed, uncountable events of a political or bellicose order apart, artistic and [...]

The discovery of America

Granada was the city that made Columbus’ journey to the Indies possible. It was here that he was given the patronage of the Catholic Monarchs, even though it was initially difficult to win their favour. He stayed in the Castillo [...]

The Nasrid Kingdom of Granada

Granada reached the peak of its importance as a city between the 13th and 15th centuries, when it was the centre of the Nasrid kingdom. The Nasrid legacy can be seen in most part of the Alhambra, the Generalife, the [...]

The route following the first European settlers

The route following the first European settlers is a circular walking route that is 152 km long.  It passes though the municipalities of Castillejos, Castril, Galera, Huesca, Orce and Puebla de Don Fadrique. This route highlights the great historical, cultural [...]

The royal city and the works of Siloé. A Renaissance Tour.

After the conquest of Granada, the Catholic Kings decided to turn the city into a symbol of Christianity. This is why they also decided to be buried here, as their grandson Carlos V did years later. Renaissance art glorified the [...]

Washington Irving route

Washington Irving was the prototype of the pure Romantic traveller, who passed most of his life travelling round Europe, and, attracted by the “exoticism” which the country then offered, naturally landed up in Spain. He was appointed Ambassador of the [...]


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