Granada’s art and culture

Cultural heritage


Thermal Arab baths

La Malahá

Situated in the outskirts of La Malahá, opposite the salt wells, lie the thermal Arab baths. The stone cupolas and the thermal swimming pool are still in good condition. The town’s heyday was in the Nasrid period, when it was [...]

Torre de Huélago


This tower dates back to the Nasrid period and was built in the middle of the 14th century. It is built on a hill near the Sierra Arana. It is rectangular in shape, but only two of its walls are [...]

Torre del Maruq


This tower was built on the shore of the Negratín reservoir. It is a historical monument in the middle of the countryside, situated between the water and pine trees and surrounded by beautiful views.

Tútugi Necropolis


This is an Iberian-Roman necropolis on the outskirts of the city. It is one of the most important sites in the area and is one of the largest ones in Spain, containing more than 130 graves. On mound number 20 [...]

Via Crucis


The Via Crucis is an important set of stone crosses dotted around the town centre, with some attached to houses and others on the façades of buildings, that appear during Easter. The most important are a group of three crosses, [...]


Santa Cruz del Comercio

This watchtower is also known as the Torre de Buenavista. It is the ruined remains of a hexagonal medieval watchtower built in the late Muslim period to defend the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. It is located on the high plateau [...]

Watchtower of Saleres


Watchtower of the XIII century located at 1,011 meters of altitude from where the entire Lecrín Valley is controlled. Of circular plant, it was communicated in the olden years with the Watchtower of Cónchar and the castles of Restábal, Murchas, [...]