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Gay Friendly

The Patronato Provincial de Turismo (Provincial Tourism Board) has decided to distinguish the province of Granada as a special destination for LGTB tourism (Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals).

This type of tourism does not involve just a sexual orientation, but also the search of a nice place, a space for freedom. We consider that the province of Granada fulfills all the needs of this type of tourist, citizens are very tolerant and willing to help all the people wishing to travel around our province with freedom and full comfort, regardless of their sexual orientation.

For this reason, the Patronato Provincial de Turismo has published a destination catalogue with a detailed list with nearly 200 ‘gay friendly’ establishments in the province. These are places where gay clients are well received and where they are at complete liberty to behave. Furthermore, the guide provides detailed information about the tourist and cultural activities and the gastronomic, shopping and leisure offers in the province.

Granada is an open province, full of life and colour. Its history, monuments and traditions are its best tourist attraction, but also its present, its daily life and its people. A lively city known for the student bustle and its nightlife, its coast, bathed in the Mediterranean and the sun, one of the best ski resorts in Spain and a natural enclave to immerse oneself. Granada is today a special destination for national and international tourism.


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