Rural and active tourism

Trees with history

The history of Granada has the mute testimony of exceptional observers: its trees.

The centenarian presence of vegetables species of great biological and historical interest represents a touristy incentive to botanical lovers, or simply to anyone who wants to discover the curiosities of the province.

Cypress tree in the Patio de La Acequia in the Generalife


Witness of a sultan’s infidelity Legend has it that this cypress tree, planted in a courtyard of the Generalife, was a silent witness of the clandestine love affair between Morayma, the wife of king Boabdil, and the handsome knight of [...]

Ginkgo Biloba in the Botanical Garden of Granada


The living fossil that inspired the poet It is not surprising that the incredible poet Elena Martin Vivaldi dedicated a poem to the Ginkgo Biloba tree in the botanical garden of Granada. This tree stands out amongst the others in [...]

Laurel de la Reina in the convent of the Mercedarias nuns

La Zubia

The laurel bushes in which Isabel the Catholic hid from the Moors This is a curious story about Isabel the Catholic. When Granada had not yet been conquered (a battle that took place on 18th June 1491 that cost 600 [...]

Sequoias in the Finca La Losa


Thirty gigantic trees form one of the few sequoia forests of in Europe. They are located in the Sierra de La Sagra. The biggest tree is 50 metres tall and you would need five people with their arms extended to [...]

The Cypress tree of San Juan de la Cruz. Carmen de los Mártires


St John of the Cross’ cedar tree Unfortunately, lightning destroyed part of the tree two decades ago. However, this tree is more than 400 years old and is still standing. There is much interest in the sap of the St [...]


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