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Know the Architecture of the Alpujarra

The architecture alpujarreña is to make a trip in the time until finding its origins in the Berbers tribes who inhabited this area.

Constructions of similar characteristic are found in the Riff and other places throughout the Mediterranean arc.

Its style adapts to the mountainous surroundings, following its geographic features. The houses have a staggered form, with a Southern or to opened spaces orientation to take advantage of the good weather. Nowadays all the whitewashed towns shine, but at other times their materials camouflaged perfectly with the landscape, obtaining a complete integration. The houses are built with stone, mud, slate, launa and wood of chestnut tree. Materials from the surrounding area that are perfectly integrated with the slopes and the weather conditions, providing an absolutely bioclimatic house.

The houses are arranged one on top of another, following the slope of the mountain, giving to the streets a winding and chaotic layout. Another typical characteristic of the architecture alpujarreña is the chimneys, topped with a hat formed by a laja and a castigadera stone.

Located between Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea, it is an almost virgin region, ideal for the rural tourism and the practice of adventure sports. The Poqueira Ravine, with its white towns, has received a great prestige as tourist destination. Towns like Lanjarón, Trevélez, Cádiar, Órgiva and all the located in the green and fertile plain of Lecrín stand out as well.


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