El Legado Andalusi

El Legado Andalusi

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The Legado Andalusi is a foundation from the Junta de Andalucia. Its aims are promoting the knowledge and spreading the cultural patrimony of the Spanish Muslim period. The main target is to follow the traces of Al-Andalus, the Spanish Muslim state that linked continents and cultures in the Mediterranean area along centuries. Nowadays, serves as well to strengthen bonds with countries from Northern Africa starting from our common history.


The Caliphate Route, which links the cities of Cordoba and Jaen through the Jaen province, has been the first of the seven routes that have been signposted and commercialized. This route is a lesson of history as well as an aesthetic pleasure. Through the route, the visitor will find echoes of old traditions and popular celebrations of the villages inside it.


The next routes that have been arranged are the Washington Irvin Route between the capitals of Seville and Granada; the Nasrid Route, that links Jaen and Granada and the Almohads and Almoravids Route, from Cadiz to Granada.

Andalusi Legacy Routes



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