The wild rocky crags Peña del Perro

The wild rocky crags Peña del Perro

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The Peña del Perro is a plateau, which throws open the most amazing views over the Sierra Nevada. In addition to the breath-taking crags and precipices, you can see the Río Veleta that flows through here before joining the Río Genil.


> By Gonzalo Cappa / Granada Hoy


This route starts just under 3 kilometres away from El Dornajo on the old Sierra Nevada road. You can park your car near the information board on which the park’s rules and regulations are listed.

Leave the entrance to the Cortijo de Prado Redondo on your right-hand side and follow the easy, even forest path. After about 300 metres you will see a track on your right leading down towards the Collado de las Sabinas. This turning is signposted by a wooden mark in the shape of a cross.

The route that leads to the Peña del Perro continues along a narrow path that runs around the side of the mountain. Halfway along the path, next to an abandoned hut, you will come across a spring, whose water freezes in the colder months.

In the winter months the insects go into hibernation and the birds leave for warmer climes, but you can still hear the murmur of wild boars moving about around the mountain. You might be lucky enough to see a fox against the backdrop of stunning crags and valleys up at almost 2000 metres of altitude. When the snow begins to settle on the summits, you are also bound to see some Spanish ibex (mountain goats) as high up as this.

After about forty minutes of walking you will finally reach the Peña del Perro. Take a close look at it and guess what dog breed it most resembles. From here you will also see the Río Veleta in the background, a stream that begins with a width of around 20 centimetres until it joins up with the Río Genil further down the valley. Take time to enjoy the magnificent view, the sheer cliffs and deep ravines.


Regions: Sierra Nevada


Route length: 7.7 km

Estimated duration: 2 hours

Altitude on departure: 1923 metres

Maximum altitude reached: 1973 metres

Ecosystem: Mid-level mountain

Recommended season: All year round


    • Itinerary and route
    • Paths or signposts showing the way
    • Effort needed
    • Over 1 hour and up to 3 hours (2+1) of effective walking
    • Severity of natural surroundings
    • More than one risk factor
    • Level of difficulty for walking
    • Walk on paths with rough surface



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