Castril river canyon

Castril river canyon

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This walking route is short, easy and spectacular. It is a walk that the whole family can enjoy. The path mainly runs along a wooden footbridge over the Río Castril, a suspension bridge and a tunnel. You will pass though beautiful natural landscapes and pass by the lovely town of Castril.


By María Olalla > Granada Hoy

The sun is rising and spreads its light over the Sagrado Corazon, on top of the rock that protects the town. The light falls over the red roofs, the white houses and green fields in the valley. You will see this beautiful image of Castril, a town that is inextricably bound to its river and that has grown up next to the town’s main source of income: the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Castril.

Our route goes down to the river from the town centre to the electric power station, carved into the rock of one of the slopes. This is a place is of exceptional beauty. The path consists of a footbridge over an old railway tucked into the rock wall. Although security measures are reasonable, certain precautions should be taken with children to avoid falls or accidents.


After a few meters you will see one of the highlights of the tour – the suspension bridge. On the other side there is a gallery of almost seventy meters in length, carved into the rock awaiting daring traveller. It is a natural balcony from where the last stretch of narrow gorge and waterfall can be seen.


At this point, the route leaves the river. You will pass an old mill, which has a restaurant. Follow the river path towards town, walking between terraces and fields, up to the Peña de Castril.

The last part of the route is the hardest, as it involves a gentle but continuous climb for about twenty minutes.


Regions: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar

Towns: Castril

Route length: 2.2 km

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Altitude at departure: 906 metres

Maximum altitude: 906 metres

Gradient: 100m

Ecosystems: River and urban

Recommended time: All year round


    • Itinerary and route
    • Well-defined tracks and crossings
    • Effort needed
    • Up to 1 hour of effective walking
    • Severity of natural surroundings
    • Environment features some risk
    • Level of difficulty for walking
    • Walk over smooth surface


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