Castril, a park open to active tourism

Castril, a park open to active tourism

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47 companies are dedicated to program activities in places that are distinguished by their natural wealth and the potential of their resources.



-Activities: Trekking, mountain bike, rock climbing, 4×4 excursions and on horse, speleologist, descend of ravines, diving, kayaking, canoes, windsurf.

A park open to active tourism
Descending a rock, hung from a rope can be an exciting experience. Doing it at the same time that rafting or an exploration in kayak during the same holidays, could be amazing. All this has a name: active tourism.


Sport activities and a wide range of leisure activities serve to fill up the holiday period. There are many examples that Granada and its province offer to their visitors and tens of proposals that the tourist operators design for the holidays. The traditional gastronomy, the cultural tourism or the sport are some of the options. Nowadays the association of companies of active tourism develops very complete programs, with organized and safe activities, since they are controlled by professionals, which combine leisure and good atmosphere. In winter, with its ski tracks, or the rest of the year, with equestrianism, excursions, kayaking and canoes; at the mountain, with trekking, excursions, bicycle, rock climbing, ravines, or at the sea, with windsurf, snorkelling, diving and boats.


Nevertheless, the districts of Granada are identified mainly with winter sports activities. But it is during the rest of the year, from spring to autumn, when the visitor can enjoy the stimulating beauty of its surroundings, without the cold, and with very particular and calm beaches. In addition for the lovers of nature and the rural tourism, the province houses five natural parks and a national park, the one of Sierra Nevada. A great scenery: the Castril Natural Park. It includes a surface of 12,215 hectares, constituted mainly by mountains of steep landscape and amazing contrasts. Steep peaks that close the horizon receive the traveller in his search of tranquillity and silence. He will be surrounded by different mountain ranges filled with canyons and crossed by the Castril river, in the heat of the Negratín Reservoir.


A metaphysical landscape formed by mountains that whirl and reefs that leave the calm mirror of water where the sense of proportion becomes inadequate, the distances intangible and nature and its complements can be enjoyed.


A paradise where with the help of the association of companies of active tourism you can choose among a wide range of adventures to practice and that, of course, allow seeing the park with different eyes from the ones of the conventional traveller.


Without bothering, in the surrounding are of the reservoir, you can find people who arrive from an excursion with 4×4 while others leave to have a half an hour stroll by the canyon of the Castril river. Others, simply enjoy the calm waters with canoes in search of silence.


There are activities for all type of visitors in this place, athletes or families, both can contract loose activities, courses or multiaventura packages in a natural surrounding.


The bet of this sector by tourism active is firm in the entire province and many initiatives are starting to promote their natural, cultural and landscaping patrimony, since it is the province of Andalucia which has the biggest offer. In front of the 9 companies that provide services of active tourism in Sevilla and the 18 of Malaga, there are 47 regulated companies dedicated to this activity in Granada. It is followed in the distance by Cadiz with 39, Jaén with 16, Huelva with 16 and Cordoba with only 5. You only need to go to Castril or other places to check it.


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