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Convent Confectionery

Like honey, which had been used for centuries to sweeten main dishes and desserts, sugar formed part of the recipes that were passed on to the Christians by the Mozarabs and the Mudejars.

One of the consequences was the development, in Granada’s convents and monasteries, of one of the region’s most attractive culinary items: confectionery. There are as many varieties of sweetcakes as there are convents and religious orders. The most famous include: huevos moles from the Convent of San Antón, almond cakes from Las Tomasas, mojicones from La Encarnación, the hojarascas of Isabel la Real, the alfajores from Santa Catalina de Zafra or the delicious syrups of Las Comendadoras de Santiago and the Monastery of San Jerónimo.


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