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Thanks to the work and enthusiasm of young lcoal winemakers, the wines of Granada have changed greatly in recent years. Today the region is creating some wines of great quality that are popular in national and international markets.

The adoption of new winemaking techniques, the introduction of noble grape varieties and the recovery of native varieties such as the Vigiriega grape have a lot to do with this success. The unique and well-suited geographical locations of the province, with their vineyards at high altitudes, climatic contrasts and good amounts of sunshine also help to produce world class wine.

The result is that today wines with great personality are being made following traditional methods: fresh and fragrant white wines, tasty reds with great complexity and elegant and balanced sparkling wines.


Ever since 1925 Granada has had it own beer brand called Alhambra. You will find it in all the tapas bars in the province. In recent years it has become increasingly famous, and has seven different blends; the flagship 1925 Special, the traditional lager, a dark beer, a toasted bear, a non-alcoholic version and a shandy. The brand is also sold internationally as well as all over Spain.

Less well known, but also excellent and traditionally made, is the Mammooth beer brewed in Padul. Many bars in Granada are beginning to sell these drinks too. The factory offers tastings for members of the public.


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