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Mineral water

_U4T9063 Balneario. Lanjaron. Granada.
Water is essential for life. The water from Granada has an almost magical character. The water comes down from the Sierra Nevada, where there are many springs for walkers and hikers to enjoy.

One of the most important water bottlers in Spain is located in Lanjarón, one of the highest towns in the world. Here very pure still and sparling water with a low mineral content is bottled. Mineral water is bottled and sold in Guadix and Durcal too.

The water from Granada is famous for its healing properties, which has turned the province into health tourism destination. There are many good spas in the province such as the ones in Alhama de Granada, Alicún de las Torres, Graena, Zújar and in Lanjarón.

Granada’s water is also important for local wildlife, such as sturgeon and the local beluga producers who produce caviar of the highest quality.


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