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Beluga caviar from Riofrío

The extreme purity of the waters of Riofrío brought to two businessmen from the north of Spain to this town in 1958. They had already founded a fish farm in Navarre, one of the first of its kind in Spain. They founded the Riofrio fish farm, which from 1985 onwards was managed by the Domezain family from the Sierra Nevada.

After decades of research and testing, the company has become a benchmark for organic farming, and is the only one of its kind that produces 100% organic products. This effort reflects the company’s concern for consumer health, animal welfare and the environment, which in turn ensures the improvement and recovery of the Riofrio.

The products on offer include fresh trout and sturgeon eggs (frozen and smoked), as well as creams and patés. However, the main highlight of the product range is the company’s organic caviar, which was first sold in 2001 and soon afterwards was named one of the best gourmet delicacies. The farm has bred the world’s largest population of sturgeon in captivity, about 400 000 Acipenser Nacarii fish, an endangered species whose females create the best caviar: Beluga caviar.

All of these products can be tasted in most of the restaurants in Riofrio, a small village in Loja, which in recent years has become one of the leaders in local cuisine.


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