What to eat

Fish from the Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical produces fantastic seafood. The shrimps, crayfish and white Motril prawns are exceptionally good. Snapper, bream, sea bream and sea bass are excellent either grilled or baked in salt. Less well-known fish include Brótolas, rockfish, eel, scorpion fish, moray eels and rays. The latter is used in local dishes such as Rayas guisada de Motril or Raya al limon de Salobreña.

There are a number of local recipes that make the most of the exquisite local ingredients from the coast. These include Arroz marinero con cigalas (scampi), clams and prawns, Moraga de sardinas, and Espeto de sardinas, a speciality that is difficult to make. The fish are put on skewers and carefully roasted over coals, making sure that they do not crumble.


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