Products with a Designation of Origin

Geographical Indication of Lamb from Segura and La Sagra Mountains

This meat is pinkish, tender and juicy, with only a very subtle aroma very little fat. These are the characteristics that that make this lamb unique. The fat is in the veins of the muscle of the animal, a phenomenon particular to this breed of sheep.

The sheep are bred in five areas in the Sierra de Segura and the Sierra de La Sagra; in Granada, Almería, Jaén, Albacete and Murcia. Among the 144 municipalities included in this protected area, 47 are in the province of Granada, all of them located at high altitudes.

There are around 1500 farmers in the province of Granada with this Geographical Indication. Together they have about 265,000 sheep. The Regulatory Council calculates that this sector generates about 1650 jobs in the area and that 60% of the local population works directly or indirectly in this sector.


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