Granada Gay-Friendly


Granada is a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) friendly destination for tourists.

This type of tourism is not simply about sexual orientation, but about a destination that is pleasant, welcoming and free. The province of Granada covers all the needs required by this type of tourist and citizen. It maintains an attitude of tolerance and helps all people who want to go sightseeing in our province to feel comfortable and at ease, regardless of their sexual orientation. Therefore, the tourist board of the province has published a destination catalogue containing a detailed list of about 200 establishments across the province have been officially been declared 'gay friendly'. This is where our gay customers and guests are welcome and can act freely. The guide provides detailed information on the tourism, cultural, gastronomic, shopping and entertainment activities on offer. The catalogue can also be viewed online in this section. GRANADA LGBT GUIDE

Aquarium of Almuñécar


The Acuario de Almuñécar is made up of 18 aquariums that are home to about 3500 different animals belonging to 200 different species. It is divided into two levels and shows the sea and its creatures from two perspectives. The [...]

Cueva María La Canastera


Probably the most famous cave in Granada due to the media. Many important figures of movie and culture world have enjoy a flamenco show there. Besides that, it is a museum of the singer whose name the cave has. It [...]

Exhibition and Conference Centre


It is a building with a modern, functional design, located right in the centre of Granada, equipped with the most advanced technology services: videoconferencing via satellite, a digital phone switchboard with a whole range of communication protocols, more than three [...]

Graena Health Resort

Cortes y Graena

The Spa of Graena is situated to the north of the province of Granada and is completely surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscape. At 950 metres above sea level, it is set in Baños de Graena, in the district of Cortes [...]

Hammam Al Andalus Granada


They were the first Moorish baths open to the public in Spain after the Reconquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. Located at the foot of the Alhambra, the Hammam of Granada brings back to present the past Andalusian essence [...]


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