Granada with kids

Almazara Quaryat Dillar olive oil producer


The Sierra Nevada National Park is a unique and privileged area in which our olives grow. This, together with the care and attention we invest in the production process, ensures that we can offer a truly unique product.

Archaeological site-Cerro de la Encina


This Agaric site is located in the area of Las Huertas, where there was an important settlement consisting of a village and a fortress. Studies by the University of Granada have shown that this is one of the most important [...]

Children’s alpine garden

Sierra Nevada

The children’s alpine garden at Sierra Nevada, Dream Land, guarantees fun and learning in the snow. Your child will learn, step by step, what a future skiing star should know. On the beginner’s slope, which is equipped with a magic [...]

Dolphins watching

Here you can observe whales, dolphins and other water mammals (cetaceans) in the wild. Cetaceans are more commonly observed for recreational purposes (similar to bird watching) but the activity can also be for scientific or educational reasons. In the Costa [...]

El Majuelo Botanic and Sculpture Park


This park is on the site of a Phoenician necropolis and on the remains of a saltfactory dating back to the 4th century BC. It contains a large collection of tropical plants.

Enjoy the snow

There are two places in the province of Granada that are particularly well equipped for children to enjoy the snow, especially if they do not know how to ski. The Área Recreativa del Puerto de La Ragua is located in [...]


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