Accessible Tourism

turismoaccesibleseccion The demand for travel by people with disabilities is growing exponentially all over the world. However, in order to enjoy their travel, they must face impediments, barriers and difficulties of all kinds that prevent them from having normal access to tourist services. The province of Granada is making a great effort to facilitate accessibility to these tourists, with the adapted services offered in this website.

Casa de Mariana Pineda


This was the last place where Mariana Pineda, a local liberal woman from the 19th century, lived. The headquarters of the European Centre for Women are based here, together with an exhibition space. Marina Pineda was born in Granada in [...]

Casa-Museo de Federico García Lorca


This farmhouse is where Federico García Lorca spent his youth. It has been turned into a local museum in memory of the poet, and even his bedroom can be seen, just as he asked his family to do in a letter he sent them.

Castillo de Salobreña


The existence of a fortress in Salobreña was first recorded as early as the 10th century. Although the existing building’s layout points to a construction in the Nasrid period, its architecture is both Muslim and Christian. It has three courtyards. [...]

Cathedral of Granada


The Cathedral of Granada is the first Renaissance church in Spain and is one of the finest examples of its type. The Catholic Kings began building it in 1492, intending for it to echo the Gothic style of the Cathedral in Toledo.

Caviar de Riofrío


Different types of tastings and visits. Our costumers can visit our facilities, see the sturgeons, understand their way of life and how they feed.


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