Accessible Tourism

turismoaccesibleseccion The demand for travel by people with disabilities is growing exponentially all over the world. However, in order to enjoy their travel, they must face impediments, barriers and difficulties of all kinds that prevent them from having normal access to tourist services. The province of Granada is making a great effort to facilitate accessibility to these tourists, with the adapted services offered in this website.

Alhama de Granada Interpretive Centre

Alhama de Granada

The Centro de Interpretación de Alhama de Granada is a modern exhibition space spread out over six rooms, explaining the history of the town. Room 1. Visitor reception area Room 2. Alhama – the town of romance Room 3. Water [...]

Alhama de Granada Parish Museum

Alhama de Granada

The Museo Parroquial is located within the Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnación. It has a magnificent collection of religious jewellery and liturgical vestments. One of the most interesting pieces is the embroidered chasuble attributed to Queen Isabel. The religious dress [...]

Almazara OMED

Ventas de Huelma

Antigua Casa de Cabildos


The Antigua Casa de Cabildos is located in the Plaza de la Constitución, the historic centre of this Renaissance town. It was the headquarters of Loja’s town council for 437 years, from its construction in 1490 until 1927, the year [...]

Calderón de la Barca Theatre


Dating back to 1880 this theatre is an Italian-style theatre built in neoclassical style. It has been fully renovated and retains its original appearance. Of particular interest are the ceiling frescos, which depict the muses of the arts. A number [...]

Carmen de los Mártires


Legend has it that this villa was built on the site of the former dungeons that held Christian prisoners in Nasrid times. When the city was conquered by the Christians the building became a Carmelite convent, where San Juan de [...]

Casa de Castril


This is a beautiful Renaissance palace built in 1539. Although it is traditionally attributed to Diego de Siloé, recent studies suggest that Sebastián de Alcántara was the architect. The house has an original Plateresque façade. The building houses the Architectural [...]

Casa de Mariana Pineda


This was the last place where Mariana Pineda, a local liberal woman from the 19th century, lived. The headquarters of the European Centre for Women are based here, together with an exhibition space. Marina Pineda was born in Granada in [...]


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