Natural parks and protected areas

Natural parks and protected areas

Protected areasNatural monumentsHistoric trees

The province of Granada has many different natural areas including one national park, five natural parks, and many places of great environmental value.

In all of them you can find a wide variety of plant and animal species, many of which are native to the area.


Natural Monuments are unique areas or naturally formed phenomena that are of great rarity or outstanding beauty, which deserve special protection.

Natural monuments can be geological formations, paleontological remains, and other land elements that are of particular interest, are unique, that are of scientific, cultural or aesthetic importance.


Granada has some interesting silent witnesses, namely its trees. The presence of some age-old plant species that are of great biological and historical interest are a real draw for nature and plant lovers, as well as for those who simply want to discover the curiosities of the province.

Charca de Suárez Nature Reserve


This is a spectacular place for bird watching and is well equipped for tourist and educational visits.  Here you can see birds native to the area as well as species from further afield. The Charca de Suárez is a thirteen-hectare [...]

Granada Geopark

The northern region of the province of Granada is home to one of the Iberian Peninsula’s most unique landscapes: a semi-desert featuring a succession of tens of thousands of gullies and badlands surrounded by mountains and the peaks of the [...]

La Cortijuela Botanical Garden


The La Cortijuela Botanical Garden is one of a number of botanical and mycological gardens located in a protected natural area in Andalusia. As you wonder around this beautiful garden, you will see and find out about the many different [...]

Laguna de Padul


The Laguna de Padul is a wetland area of great ecological value. It is one of the best areas in the whole of Andalusia for bird watching, where some 158 different species have been identified. Among its reeds and cattails [...]

Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Nature Reserve

La Herradura

This natural area runs between the coastline and the N-340 and juts out 1 mile into the sea. This narrow strip of land is 12 kilometres long. It is made up of steep cliffs, beaches and inaccessible small coves, whilst [...]

Other natural spaces

SIERRA DE ORCE Here you will find some paleontological sites of great archaeological importance, such as Venta Micena. SIERRA GORDA – LOJA These karst hills are ideal for paragliding. The area known as El Charco del Negro is an important [...]

Parque Periurbano Dehesa de Santa Fe

Santa Fe

The Dehesa of Santa Fe is located 5 kilometres from the town, in the southern part of the municipality of Santa Fe. It borders the municipalities of Chimeneas and Las Gabias to the south, the municipality of Vegas del Genil [...]

Parque Periurbano Dehesa del Generalife


This nature reserve is located to the south of the Rio Darro and to the east of the city of Granada. It is almost adjoined to Granada, the historical part of the town, to the Alhambra and Generalife. In the [...]


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