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Federico García Lorca lived in Valderrubio for several years as a child. The family home of the poet and dramatist has been restored and made into a museum, which is now open to public. It was here that he learned a great deal about literature and where he wrote some of his most important early works. This place inspired him to write one of his best plays, La casa de Bernarda Alba.

Valderrubio is one of the newest municipalities in Granada and the 169th of the province. In 2013 the municipality split from Pinos Puente.

It is located to the northwest of the Vega de Granada, lying in the foothills of the Sierra de Parapanda. Valderrubio is a town of contrasts, because one site is made up of dry and arid land, whilst the other has the lush and green landscape of the plain.

For five centuries the town was called ‘Asquerosa’, a name that the locals were keen to change. They organised a meeting of the council of Pinos Puente on 29th January 1943 and officially changed the mane of the town to ‘Valderrubio’. Its current name literally means ‘the valley of light tobacco’, a reference to the successful local tobacco industry.


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Region: Granada and its surroundings
Postcode: 18250
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Casa-Museo de Federico García Lorca


This farmhouse is where Federico García Lorca spent his youth. It has been turned into a local museum in memory of the poet, and even his bedroom can be seen, just as he asked his family to do in a letter he sent them.

Federico García Lorca tour

  Federico García Lorca was a world famous poet and playwright from Granada. There are four museums where visitors can learn about the author and his life. The first is the Museo-Casa Natal de Federico García Lorca in Fuente Vaqueros [...]


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