Sierra Nevada

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Sierra Nevada Ski Resort (Pradollano)

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada is in the municipality of Monachil. It is just 32 kilometres away from Granada and can be reached along an excellent high mountain road. From the town you can access the slopes and here you will find a wide range of hotels, restaurants, parking facilities and entertainment options. It also has all the ski services you need for skiing and learning how to ski.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Sierra Nevada
Municipio: Monachil
Postcode: 18196
Web: Acceder a su web
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Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

Sierra Nevada

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada, only half an hour away from the city of Granada, is a paradise for mountain sports. It offers over 100 kilometres of slopes, with lots of snow and sunshine, as well as a fantastic [...]

El Mirador ham drying rooms

Sierra Nevada

These traditional drying rooms are located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.


Sierra Nevada

The mild temperatures and the geography of the region of Granada make it an ideal place for those who love flying, hang-gliding and paragliding. You can take off from the impressive peaks of the Sierra Nevada and land in one [...]

Centro de Alto Rendimiento (CAR)

Sierra Nevada

This high performance sports centre (CAR) in the Sierra Nevada belongs to the Spanish government’s Department of Sport. It is situated at an altitude of 2320 metres, a perfect location for training elite sportsmen and women. Facilities include: – Athletics [...]


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