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Pitres has belongs to the municipality of La Taha for many centuries. Here you will find the largest and finest woodlands of the region that are believed to date back to the Roman period.

Its inhabitants are famously cunning. On a certain occasion one of the locals asked the governor to grant them a seaport. Although the request was strange – Pitres lies high above the sea – it gave rise to their nickname of Barbarians. Instead of taking it badly, the locals have started an amusing programme of celebrations, during which they hide sardines in the ground and they water them so they grow fat and plump.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipio: La Taha
Postcode: 18414
People: Bárbaros o pitreños
Web: Acceder a su web
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Iglesia parroquial del Cristo de la Expiración


This church was built 1530. During the War of the La Alpujarras it was burned down by the Moors, but was later repaired again. In the Spanish Civil War the church was looted and almost completely destroyed. Again, it was [...]

Pitres – a source of inspiration (GR-7)

This route gives you the chance to discover some of the lovliest villages in Alta La Alpujarra, such as Capilerilla. You will aslo come across some unique landscapes full of interesting features. The entire area is alive with legends, such as the one explaining how the Barranco de la Sangre, (literally Blood Gorge), got its name. It is said that long ago it may have been the place where the Moors and the troops of Philip II faced each other in battle.

Fiestas patronales de San Roque


It is the main celebration of the town and it welcomes a great number of visitors. After reading the program they give Environment Awards “El Puerto de Pitres” to the hotels, bars and restaurants which cooperate to protect the environment. [...]


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