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Divided in two by the Río Singilis the Roman town of Genil, is in the municipality of Pinos Genil. The town is divided by a bridge replaced the old one that was destroyed during a flood. The town is located in a beautiful natural setting, offering visitors a wide range of walking routes and hikes, as well as wonderful fishing.

The landscape has some springs that locals and visitors alike can enjoy. The old centre of town is perfectly sheltered by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

The tunnels of the former Sierra Nevada tram line deserve a special mention, as do the old buildings dotted around the area, the town’s power station, the Alto del Cerro de la Cruz, with its magnificent views, the Coto de Pesca Intensiva Pinillos and the area around Fuente del Lobo.

The town was called Pinillos ever since the Middle Ages. It was inhabited by Arabs and and Hispanic-Visigoths in the 10th century. The local inhabitants always worked in agriculture, livestock and warfare. When the Muslim people settled a time of great unrest followed, so bad that Juan de Austria has to intervene. Although the town did not have a fortress to defend itself, its geographical location on a steep and spectacular rock made it difficult to conquer. To get to the town you had to climb a long set of stairs carved into the rock up to the very top. The Muslim villagers prevented the Christians from coming onto town from the top of the hill, by guarding the areas upstream.

The ancient chronicles mention the existence of two large caves in which the inhabitants and their cattle took refuge. Peace came to Pinos Genil after the Reconquista and the signing of the truce, with a short interruption during the Moorish rebellions in the 16th century, which lasted until their expulsion. Later these lands were repopulated by people from other parts of Spain. More recently newer houses have been built around the town as many people choose it as the location for their second homes.

Pinos Genil is a popular place for people from Granada to eat out on weekends and dine outside on summer evenings. It has many excellent bars, restaurants and snack bars. You get exceptional value for money and you can taste many of the specialties of the local Granada cuisine.

The typical dishes from Pinos Genil use many locally produced vegetables. Traditional dishes include Migas, Choto and risotto. Meat is used a lot, especially sausages and cured meats.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Sierra Nevada
Postcode: 18191
Distance from Granada (km): 10
Number of inhabitants: 1262
People: Pineros
Web: Acceder a su web
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Pinos Genil

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Pinos Genil

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