Mecina Bombarón

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Mecina Bombarón is the main town of Alpujarra de la Sierra. The Río Mecina Bombarón and Cascada Las Chorreras waterfall are the most interesting places to visit here. The river is a tributary of the Río Adra, where you can also see the Roman bridge. The Cascada Las Chorreras is in the Sierra de Mecina, which you can access via the forest road.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipio: Alpujarra de la Sierra
Postcode: 18450
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Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel

Mecina Bombarón

Built in the mid-18th century, this church is of a rectangular shape. Thefaçade’s central section has a simple door decorated with rounded arches supporting a pediment. The construction of the initial church began around 1539 with three naves and a [...]

Mecina Bombarón Museum of Photography

Mecina Bombarón

This museum opened in 2000 and includes 650 photographs by Rafael Vílchez, the La Alpujarra correspondent for the newspaper ‘Ideal’. The contents of the pictures cover architecture, cuisine, customs, folklore, traditional culture, legends and many different local people in La [...]

Mecina Bombarón bridge

Mecina Bombarón

This bridge is of great architectural importance. It lies on the so-called Camino Real (the Royal Road), which linked Granada and Almeria. Under this bridge is the present-day road linking the two cities.

Festival of Folk music of the Alpujarra

Mecina Bombarón

This festival is a celebration travelling by the towns of the Granada region and  the Almeria’s Alpujarras. It constitutes a colourful cultural manifestation of  the folklore from the Alpujarras and contributes to the brotherhood of towns of both regions. It [...]

Chestnut Fair

Mecina Bombarón

The chestnut celebration takes place at the end of October in Mecina Bombaron. The program of events contains routes to the chestnut fields, trekking, craftsmanship and Alpujarra products exhibitions, traditional gastronomy meal and the ceremony of awards.

Celebrations in honour of San Miguel

Mecina Bombarón

This celebration takes place in Mecina Bombaron, one of the three population centres, with Yegen and Golco that form the Alpujarra de la Sierra district. During the three days of celebrations there are several acts of fireworks and popular night [...]


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