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Mairena, one of the towns in the municipality of Nevada and nicknamed the balcony of La Alpujarra, because from here you can enjoy amazing views over the whole Valle de Ugíjar, the Cerrajón de Murtas and the Sierra Gador. It is also one of the whitest and best-cared-for towns in the surrounding area, from where you can see the silhouette of the church from far away. The Piedra de los Tiempos is nearby, a rock believed to have had beneficial influences over the harvests.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipio: Nevada
Postcode: 18494
People: maireneros
Web: Acceder a su web
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Iglesia Parroquial del Santo Cristo de la Luz


The original building was built between 1604 and 1610. The construction of the present church began in 1704 and is a good example of Mudejar religious architecture. The 1884 earthquake seriously damaged the church, and although the possibility of relocating [...]

Celebrations in honour of the Santo Cristo de la Luz


The most outstanding act of this celebration is the parade that is celebrated in the afternoon-night of the Saturday of the closest weekend to the 18th of September and the bangers and fireworks are always present. As in the rest [...]

San Marcos


The most popular of the celebrations are the pots of San Marcos, which are prepared by women of the village at the square and it consists in a stew with fennel, potatoes, cardoon, rice, bacon and black pudding.


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