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In the 1970’s some of the smaller municipalities in Granada were merged. In this process Lecrín was given to the area of Talará. Mondujar was also included in the same municipality, which has four further towns: Béznar, Acequias, Chite and Murtas.

The town’s slogan ‘In Lecrín everything is joyful and it always seems to be spring’ certainly rings true. It has beautiful surroundings and an interesting historical legacy, making it a fascinating place to visit.

Talará used to be a district of Mondújar until it built its own church and asked to be independent. Acequias is the highest of the six towns. It lies between the Río Torrente, the Barranco del Pleito and the Cerro Gordo. Chite, with its Barrio Alto and Barrio Bajo has some beautiful traditional whitewashed Moorish houses as well as some lovely manor houses with stunning gardens built in the 19th century. Murchas has some interesting historical buildings including the Iglesia del Salvador and the Acqueia de Arcos. Finally, Béznar, the southernmost town of the Lecrín towns is the lowest of them all, so much so that one of its neighbourhoods has disappeared under the water of the reservoir.

The discovery of some Roman baths dating back to somewhere between the mid-1st century and early 4th century, illustrate that the town was founded at this time. However, it was under Arab rule that Lecrín reached a period of greater importance. Because it was a successful agricultural area it did not suffer in the war or in the uprising of the Moors either. However, after the expulsion of the Moors its population decreased significantly, and its agricultural output was reduced. Later Lecrín was repopulated with Christians from other parts of Spain, although in the 19th century its population dropped once more due to emigration and several epidemics.

Citrus fruits, especially oranges and lemons are grown all over the Valle de Lecrín. Sugar cane has been grown along the coast for many centuries.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Poblaciones del municipio: Talará, Mondújar, Murchas, Chite, Béznar, Acequias
Postcode: 18656
Distance from Granada (km): 35
Number of inhabitants: 2309
People: Lecrinenses
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