La Zubia

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La Zubia is in a fantastic location and is the gateway to the Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada. It belongs to the region of Granada and is surrounded by fertile lands. It is an area with traces of ancient settlements each with a varied historical and artistic heritage. It also has recreation areas, beautiful meadows, caves and hills that are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities.

One of its main natural attractions is the giant tree that stands in the Parque de la Encina. It is over 700 years old and is an official Natural Plant Monument. 

The town dates back to Roman times. There is an excellently preserved Roman altar, which was later reused as a base to built the cross of San Anton in one of the town’s streets. In the Nasrid period it was described as “a farmstead on the outskirts of Granada“. Its name means retreat or hermitage, az-Zuwia, in Arabic, which is thought to refer to the fact that a pious Muslim encouraged people to follow him and build homes on the site of today’s town.

In the annals of La Zubia, the town has a link with Queen Isabella. It is said that in one of the attacks by Boadbil’s soldiers she sought refuge in some leafy laurel bushes. Since that time she was nicknamed the Laurel Queen. In hiding she prayed to San Luis to help her. The queen’s troops resisted the attack successfully and as an act of thanks she built a convent in honour of San Luis here. After the expulsion of the Moors and the repopulation of the area by Christians, the town developed and flourished. In the last decades the town has continued to flourish, due to its proximity to Granada.

The cuisine of La Zubia is based on the typical products of the area. Its most popular dishes include Migas, Patatas a lo Pobre, Los Pucheros and Arroz Caldoso. Local meats such as rabbit cooked with garlic and the Cordero Segureño are delicious.

The local almond cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes and Alfajores are sweet pastries that are worth trying.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Sierra Nevada
Postcode: 18140
Distance from Granada (km): 5
Number of inhabitants: 15819
People: Zubianos o Zubienses
Web: Acceder a su web
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Celebrations of San Pedro

La Zubia

They are celebrations that take place in the neighbourhood of San Pedro to celebrate the religious feeling of the inhabitants. They are very popular. There is a romeria towards Los Molinos and there glasses of sangria and grilled sardines are [...]

Celebrations of San Juan Nepomuceno

La Zubia

It is a celebration in honour of the patron of this town, and next to the different religious acts there is a big fair, different types of contests, night parties and sport-recreational activities.


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