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This municipality has two town: Gualchos, which is inland, and Castell de Ferro, on the Mediterranean coast. It has a beach that is 2 kilometres long with parts that have coarse and parts that have finer sand. Fishing is one of the main attractions of this area, since the 5.5 kilometres of cliffs are an ideal place to practise this activity.

The main attraction of Gualchos is its southern part, where the calm sea and mild and temperate breezes envelop this lovely part of the Mediterranean coast.

Gualchos extends from the foot of the Sierra de Lújar to the Costa Tropical. It is famous for its mild subtropical climate, its beaches that are never overcrowded and its tranquil atmosphere. The Cala de Rijana cove is located here, an ideal place for scuba diving. Another local attraction is the castle of Castell de Ferro.

Gualchos celebrates a festival in honour of San Miguel (St Michael the Archangel) in late September, and the Fiestas del Turista on 24th August, a tourist fair that is a must-see for holidaymakers in the area.

Remains suggesting human settlements dating back to Phoenician times have been found here. However, the current municipality is of Muslim origin, in a time when both towns were two small villages. The area gained some importance during this period thanks to its successful agriculture. In the Christian era it suffered from the rebellion of the Moors, their repression and expulsion. Later it was repopulated with Christians from other regions, especially from Catalonia, which explains the name of Castell de Ferro. Until the mid-18th century it was under the jurisdiction of Motril.

Like other towns along the Granada coast, Gualchos has vestiges of the prominent role it played in trade during the development of early civilizations that lived near the Mediterranean Sea. You can also see traces of the splendid heritage of the Arab culture. Many defensive fortresses had to be built here to fend off threats from pirates.

During the last third of the 20th century, the area has seen great economic prosperity thanks to the development of subtropical agriculture and tourism.

Moragas de sardinas are a local speciality. The area produces good pork, legumes, vegetables and fish stews, for which they cook the fish for a long time, without it losing its distinctive taste.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Costa Tropical
Postcode: 18614
Distance from Granada (km): 84
Number of inhabitants: 2621
People: Gualcheros
Web: Acceder a su web
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Roman Tower

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

This tower is of Roman origin and often referred to as the Castell de Ferro. It is quadrangular in shape and is located in the centre of the valley. It was used to defend the Moorish kingdom. It has had [...]

Centro de Interpretación de la Cultura de la Costa Tropical

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

This large complex of 300 m2 contains a vast amount of information about the history of the coast of Granada. Visitors can learn about the mix of cultures that have made the area what it is today, the interesting archaeological [...]

La Rijana Beach

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

This small, quiet and secluded cove is flanked to one side by its evocative watchtower and a large rock that juts into the sea. It is 250 metres long and about 20 metres wide. It runs parallel to the N-340, [...]

Sotillo-Castell de Ferro Beach

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

Wide beach with artificial defenses. There is a promenade and services. Its length is 1,300 meters and has a width of 40 meters. It consists of sand and gravel.

Fires of San Juan (Castell de Ferro)

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

They lit fires to throw into it the old belongings and everything they did not like, in a symbolic way, of the previous year. The people go to the beach, where they eat, sing and drink and they swim in [...]

La Candelaria

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

In the town of Gualchos as well as in the one of Castell de Ferro this celebration takes place since the olden days. The villagers spend the day in the field where they prepare meals and merendillas. Formerly, on this [...]

San Cayetano

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

In the town of Jolucar they celebrate on this day a famous romeria dedicated to San Cayetano. Thousands of people, year after year, pilgrimage doing the manda or promise to walk the whole night to arrive to a cortijo near [...]

Celebrations of San Miguel (Gualchos)

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

They are the most important celebrations of Gualchos and they are dedicated to its patron. One of the main attraction of the program and with a long tradition is the disguise party. They have as well a popular sangria the [...]

Celebrations of the Virgen del Carmen (Castell de Ferro)

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

Castell de Ferro is an ideal place to catch in all its flavour the atmosphere with which the marine towns have always celebrated their patron celebrations, the Virgen del Carmen. During these holidays there is an wide and amusing program [...]


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