Gabia Chica

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This town in the municipality of Las Gabias has just 200 inhabitants. It was originally a farmstead in Muslim times and was called ‘Gabiar Alsogra’. Since that time the history of this small town has been linked to Gabia Grande. In 1973 they merged into a single municipality along with Híjar and the residential areas of Los Llanos, Cortijo de San Javier and Pedro Verde.

The Iglesia de la Virgen del Rosario is located here. It is a simple church built in the 16th century in Moorish style.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipio: Las Gabias
Postcode: 18110
Web: Acceder a su web


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Iglesia de Gabia Chica

Gabia Chica

The Iglesia de Gabia Chica is in the town centre. It is made up of a single nave with a double-sided roof and decorated with woodcarvings. It also has a bell tower. Inside, the magnificent altarpiece dating back to the [...]

Celebrations of the Virgen del Rosario (Gabia la Chica)

Gabia Chica

These celebrations last two days in which there are several popular activities. The breakfast of chocolate with churros, the public fountain of beer, the gastronomy contests, cucañas, band races and the night party with karaoke. The religious events include the [...]


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