Tourist information

This town is in the municipality of Arenasdel Rey. It is located next to the walk along the Pantano de los Bermejales, from whose shores the neighbourhood of La Colonia rises up. It is believed that Fornes has been located in the same place since the time of King Alfonso XII, who spent the night in  an old flour mill of the town during his visit to the region in January 1885.

The village is of medieval origin and is mentioned with the name of ‘Fórnex’ in the work of the local geographer Al-Jatib, who described it as ‘a fortified district headquarters’. However, no remains of this building, called ‘Hisn Sojaira’ (literally ‘Castle of the Small Rock’) are visible in the area. In Fornes the famous estate of La Resinera is located, one of the most productive forest and wood spaces in Andalucía.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Poniente Granadino
Postcode: 18127


Romería en honor a Santiago Apóstol


Festejos de Arenas del Rey en honor de Santiago Apóstol y con una romería como acto principal. Se celebra la misa en Fornes y después los romeros y la gente que se acerca hasta la localidad van a la Resinera.


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