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The municipality of Dílar is located on the western side of the Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada, 878 metres above sea level on the banks of the Río Dílar. Its natural setting and proximity to the city of Granada makes it an ideal place to go hiking, biking or riding.

Its location is one of the most privileged, with its diverse landscape and many enclaves. You have the banks of the Río Dílar with its many poplar trees on one side, and areas filled with olive groves, pine trees and oak trees on the other. The natural beauty of this place is complemented by an extensive range of leisure activities offered by the Huerto Alegre, an education and activity centre nestled in the Parque de Sierra Nevada.

Archaeological findings show that Dílar was already inhabited in the Bronze Age. The archaeologist Manuel de Góngora found the only dolmen ever to be found in the Sierra Nevada near here. Despite the enormous megalithic stones, they could not be studied because they were altered at a later date to be used in a factory.

Its fertile lands were used by the Moors, who settled there in the early days of their rule. At that time there were only three farmhouses, called the Iglesia Baja, the Barrio del Hondón and the Barrio Alto.

An important year for Dílar was 1126 when, during an expedition, the King Alfonso I occupied it and took it from the governor Temin Ben Yusuf. Later the troops of the Catholic Kings conquered the area and gave it to the man who was to become the first Marquis of Dílar.

The local speciality is rabbit in sauce accompanied by the excellent local wine. In fact, in the town the Festival del Libro y del Mosto is held, where free tastings are offered in exchange for books.

The local cuisine is also based on agricultural products, such as corn, sunflowers, apples and pears. The salads with white beans, mashed leeks or onions are other traditional recipes from Dílar, along with game and fresh water fish dishes.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Sierra Nevada
Postcode: 18152
Distance from Granada (km): 9
Number of inhabitants: 1821
People: Dilareños
Web: Acceder a su web
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Ermita de la Virgen de las Nieves


This is the religious centrepiece of the town. It was built in the 18th century, in the outskirts of Dílar, next to the river. Inside the image of the Virgin of the Snows is worshipped; she protects mountaineers and shepherds. Inside [...]

Iglesia parroquial de Santa María de la Concepción


This church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Conception. According to the report written by the parish priest Miguel de Vitoria, this church was almost destroyed by the Moors.  However, its destruction was prevented thanks to the strength and [...]

Palacio del Marqués de Dílar


This palace was built on the site of an old medieval castle. According to the legend written on a plaque that is on display here, the castle was seized from the Moors by the first Marques of Dílar on 24th [...]

Archaeological sites


Human settlements have been found dating back to the earliest prehistoric times, including the Bronze Age, in the town of Dílar. In 1850, a hunter found a dolmen from the prehistoric period, surrounded by a cromlech formed by large stones.

Almazara Quaryat Dillar olive oil producer


The Sierra Nevada National Park is a unique and privileged area in which our olives grow. This, together with the care and attention we invest in the production process, ensures that we can offer a truly unique product.

Canal de la Espartera – Arenales del Trevenque

Why not walk on the peaks of Arenales del Trevenque, one of the most emblematic mid-mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada? The dryness of the terrain is misleading. Behind the apparent absence of wildlife there hides a microcosm of plants that are well adapted to extreme temperature changes and to the lack of a fertile, moist soil.

Silleta del Padul and Piedra Ventana

The route starts at an altitude of 945 meters in Ermita Nueva and reaches 1500 metres in Silleta del Padul, crossing different landscapes. It runs through several forest tracks and trails where you can enjoy the stunning rock formation of Piedra Ventana, the Vega de Granada, the peaks del Corazón de la Sandía and el Trevenque, as well as the Alayos de Dílar and el Valle de Lecrín.

Fiesta del otoño


Chestnuts are roasted and offered in the main square and theatrical activities are organized.

Patron celebrations in honour of the Virgen de las Nieves


During these days of celebrations there is a very varied program of religious, recreational and sport events. It is interesting the fireworks, the descent of the Virgin to the church in the morning of the 15th of August, the parade [...]

San Sebastián


On this day the villagers of Dilar celebrate a day in which the mass in honour to the saint, the parade and the night party stand out.

Fiesta del Libro y el Mosto


This celebration is organized by the Commission to Defend Dilar and its surroundings since a few years ago. Its target is to promote reading and the good wine of grape juice of the area. Along the last day they offer [...]


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