Cúllar Vega

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Cúllar Vega is located in the heart of the Vega de Granada, surrounded by poplar trees. It is near the Río Genil and Río Dílar, which means that its lands are fertile and its gardens green and verdant. Cereals and beet grow particularly well here. It is near the city of Granada. The climate is cold in winter and hot and dry in summer.

The history of this town has always been closely linked to that of Granada. Its name derives from the word collum, meaning ‘high ground’ in Latin, indicating its Roman past. In the Arab period it was probably a farmhouse or a farmstead. During the Nasrid period, the townspeople mainly worked in irrigated agriculture.

After the Reconquista there were no major changes here, until Felipe II expelled the Moors. In 1571 it was repopulated with settlers from other parts of Spain. Agriculture was the main economic engine with crops and vineyards being the main focus, while livestock had little importance. The population gradually increased. A few decades ago the local census showed that many people have both their first and second homes here.

The town has excellent fresh fruit and vegetables. Pork, black pudding and sausage are also a local specialty. Cod fritters and dumplings are definitely worth a try. When it gets cold, locals enjoy eating soups and porridge. The typical pastries of Cullar Vega include fritters, French toast, fried doughnuts and custard.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Granada and its surroundings
Postcode: 18194
Distance from Granada (km): 9
Number of inhabitants: 5556
People: Culleros
Web: Acceder a su web
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Iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

Cúllar Vega

This church was built in Mudejar style in the 16th century by the master craftsman Pablo Hernández. It is a rectangular building with two naves. It is built from brick and inside you will find two beautiful Baroque altarpieces depicting [...]


Cúllar Vega

This large cistern, located in the centre of the town Cúllar Vega, dates back to the 16th century. It collected, stored and distributed the waters from the rivers Genil and Dílar.

Patron celebrations in honour of San Miguel Arcángel

Cúllar Vega

The patron celebrations in honour of San Miguel are one of the main points of the celebration of Cullar Vega. Religious events, cultural activities, popular games and night parties are some of the moments that stand out these days.

Celebrations of San Isidro

Cúllar Vega

In this celebration of San Isidro there is a popular romeria that takes the participants to the outskirts of the village.

Celebrations in honour of San Marcos

Cúllar Vega

In this popular day of San Marcos, the villagers of Cullar Vega go out to the field to harvest and eat fresh beans, accompanied by hornazos of bread and boiled egg.


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