Cuevas del Campo

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Cuevas del Campo is located in the northwest part of the province of Granada in an exceptional setting between the natural parks. It lies to the south of the Sierra de Baza and to the north of the Sierra de Castril and the Sierras de Cazorla, de Segura and de las Villas. It is therefore an ideal place for nature lovers, who come here for peace and tranquillity, fantastic scenery and to meet the friendly local people.

A large part of the population still live in cave dwellings carved into the clay rocks. Other attractions are the parish church and a small archaeological site where traces of Roman rain tanks have been found.

The town is also close to the Embalse del Negratín reservoir, where you can take part in water sports like canoeing. There is also a nudist beach here, the only one in the interior of Granada.

One of its main festivals is the Pasión Viviente that is celebrated by everyone during Holy Week.

Up until 21st November 1981 Cuevas del Campo was not an official municipality. Previously it belonged to the municipality of Zújar, with which it shares much of its history. The town rose up because its land is very well suited to the development of agriculture. Its population was very large during the Arab era, and after the Reconquista it participated in the uprising of the Moors that took place in the second half of the 16th century. The rebellion was quenched and the Moors expelled, after which the town was virtually uninhabited. Later it was repopulated with settlers from other regions of Spain, although it is believed that many of the people who had been expelled secretly returned and settled in the cave dwellings.

The food here is heavily influenced by Moorish and Castilian traditions. Dishes are often high in calories and are made with vegetables, cereals and pork, lamb, rabbit or chicken. The most popular dishes in Cuevas del Campo are Migas, Gurupina, corn porridge and locally made sausages. The local wine is excellent and local spirits, such as Chimichurri, and sweet wine are worth trying too. Typical desserts include fried doughnuts, Floretas and Paparajotes.


Information about the Municipality

Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Postcode: 18813
Distance from Granada (km): 130
Number of inhabitants: 2111
People: Cueveños
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Iglesia parroquial de San Isidro

Cuevas del Campo

This parish church was built in 1980 and is dedicated to San Isidro.

Nudist beach of Negratín

Cuevas del Campo

This is Andalucia’s third largest reservoir as regards capacity. It is surrounded by a sub-desert and almost lunar landscape which gives the place a strange beauty, and its romantic sunsets are particularly attractive. A beach has been made on one [...]

Pasión viviente de Cuevas del Campo

Cuevas del Campo

Cuevas del Campo, in the Altiplano region of Granada, is a special place to be on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It is on these days that the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the evangelist Matthew, [...]


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